Financial Matters Sacco aka FM Sacco aims to empower you to grow your business and develop Multiple Streams of Income.

The FM Sacco is the financial mobilization side of the clan.

When you join the Sacco, you have an opportunity to save money and most importantly borrow money to grow your business. The aim of the Sacco is to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

To ensure members gel in the Sacco, applicants will be prequalified through a survey to ensure that they all are of an entrepreneurial mind and they are money ambitious. You will bond with other clan members and when you plan to start your business, they will be your sounding board who will listen to your ideas, help you refine them and if viable, help you raise the finance that you require to start and grow the business.

Financial Matters Sacco aka FM Sacco

Financial Matters Sacco aka FM Sacco

You will be in a caring clan where you will be trained, nurtured and grown.

As a clan, we espouse to certain strong values which are courage, honesty, freedom, and contribution.

The Sacco will provide a platform where you will meet fellow entrepreneur minded individuals, network, build bonds of trust and confidence and fund businesses.

You will be expected to complete and be proficient in at least one training in the FM academy. You will then choose to invest in a business venture in line with the training that you have qualified for. The niches are, Online Business, Real Estate, Agribusiness, Stock and Money Markets, Cryptocurrency, and Personal Finance Consultancy.

As a member of the Sacco, you will hold shares equivalent to your monetary contribution.


To qualify to join the Sacco, you must;

  1. Be a member of the Financial Matters Clan where you get skills and finances to be able to invest in a venture of your choice.
    FM Sacco

    FM Sacco

  2. Recommit monthly to the tenets of courage, honesty, freedom, and contribution. By recommitting monthly, you will earn points which will be used when applying for anything from the Sacco.
  3. Participate in the Sacco affairs actively.
  4. Commit to tenets of minimalism, which urge you to have big business and money ambitions but remain modest and humble in your personal life.
  5. Pay a registration fee of Ksh1000 which will be used to provide you with membership instruments as well as cater for your free trainings.



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Meaning of Values 

It is difficult to pinpoint exact behaviors that a person must exhibit for them to live the values because we all come from

Generally, we expect you to be

  1. Courageous

To earn money and be rich, you need courage. Courage to do what others are unwilling to do and courage to test things and notions hitherto take for granted or feared. We expect you to speak up if you feel something in the clan is not going well. We expect you to expose malpractices and corruption.

We expected you to have a strong heart to live and practice all the values in your personal and business life.

  1. Honest

We shall be dealing with money and we must operate on mutual trust. Although we expect you to trust your fellow clan members, you must confirm information that you get hold of in course of your dealing with both insiders and outsiders before making conclusions.

By being honest, we will be able to run a faster and more efficient organization because we will be able to lighten some controls and red tape that slow most organizations.

  1. Freedom

We believe in being free. We believe in being able to work from anywhere, be it a beach on the South Coast or an air-conditioned room in the Kalahari. We believe in being able to choose when to work and when to take holiday. This clan is about freedom of action.

We believe all freedoms come with responsibility and consequences which we must be professional enough to accept.

We believe we must grow money to help us build personal freedoms to be able to do what we choose to do and, and in the converse, take responsibility for our actions.

  1. Contribution

The power to give to others is heavenly. Our world is littered with need and our communities will do with a little more help from all of us.

As a member of the clan, you will learn and earn a lot. As a clan, we are doing our level best to contribute to society and we urge all our members to share learnings and also contribute materially to help alleviate poverty in the developing world.

These are the values that we hold dear and, in our meetings, we will discuss how these can help us build a responsible organization. By adhering to these values, we will run a profitable and fulfilling group where all of us are equal partners.

FM Sacco membership benefits

As a member of the Sacco, you will receive the following benefits in return;

  1. Monthly themed practical business training.
  2. You will be able to join the affiliate program where you will be able to create your own income streams that you will use to grow the other businesses.
  3. Access business and Personal  loans at affordable interest.
  4. Get guarantors from other members in the clan.
  5. Free VIP entry into FM events.
  6. Fm Sacco annual party
  7. Use Financial matters products even when you are down financially.
  8. Attend the annual get together to celebrate achievements.

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How does Sacco Business funding process run?

Once you identify a business Idea,

Fm Sacco idea presentation

Fm Sacco idea presentation

Create your business plan, if you feel you need help in completing the business plan, send it to the patron for review and organize an online one to one coaching if required.

Present the business plan at our monthly/weekly meetings for recording. Later, we will allow individuals from far-flung areas to record their presentations and send the video.

Post the video in our members’ area for voting. Voting will help members to confirm that they understand the business that they are funding.

Fm Sacco idea implementation

Fm Sacco idea stamp

Once members have voted, the business with the highest funds shall be implemented. Each member will have an opportunity to present their idea as many times as they wish and they will have personalized coaching from the team.


Bank Accounts

The Sacco shall open accounts in the name of the Sacco and the members shall elect individuals who will be signatories to those accounts.

Fm Sacco bank account

Fm Sacco bank account


Signatories will be expected to uphold the highest levels of integrity by recommitting to the code monthly and being seen by other members to be doing so.

Each quarter, we will conduct a member evaluation and send reports on who is the best member of the Sacco to help in this member evaluation.

The bank account signatories shall be chairman, secretary, and treasurer.

Before the Sacco members officially elect a chairman, secretary, and treasurer, (this should happen before Christmas 2018) we will have a temporary account to hold the contributions for the Sacco. These contributions will then be moved to the Sacco account once everything is in place.

Now that you know how the Sacco operates, go ahead and submit your registration fee, ensure to retain your copy of the payment for future reference.

If you need more information, chat me on WhatsApp number +254 773 525574.

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