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Mother’s Day 2019; one for mummy!

Mothers day 2019

The one person who doesn’t care if you are cute or not!

The one who celebrates when you add a pound or two of flesh.

The one who does not mind if you are rich or poor!

She loves you all the same!

The one who supports you even if you belong to jail …

The one whose back is scorched and broken for you…

The one who braves abuse to see you grow!

She is called mom.

The one who turns down parties to be with you!

The one who sacrifices her shape and beauty for you!

The one who becomes dad, so that you may be successful.

She is called single mum…

Her love is beyond the material,

Her care is in the sky!

Her words beyond any motivation.

Mum, I love you.

Yet her service is free with a smile.

Her financial situation does not take her away from you…

In her lowest moment, her warm tears drip down on your forehead, as you suckle life out of her.

To all life givers, to all whose nipple has been in someone else’s mouth, to all whose presence creates a home, to all whose love is eternal, Financial Matters wish you a beautiful mothers day. May the protection and love that you accord us be returned to you a hundredfold.

Happy mothers day!

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