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Henry Ozianyi

I am an entrepreneur at heart, a finance geek by profession and a storyteller by hobby. I love fun stuff.  I like to start things, it doesn’t matter what I start, so long as it promises to move even if just an inch.

My blog Financial Matters has been growing steadily and my best day was when 43,000 people organically accessed it in 24 hours.

The main aim of this blog is to inspire 1,000,000 people to attain financial independence, I included.

The blog has to sides to it.

On one side it discusses the motivation that is required to earn more money, both actively and passively.

On the practical side, the blog recognizes that many people out there will theoretically tell you how to make money, but no one is willing to dirty their hands with you.

That is where financial matters are unique, we go onto the journey with you because we realize that entrepreneurship can be very lonely. All you need is a buddy on your side, who encourages and pumps you up when you are down.  Financial Matters is that buddy.

In the blog who-says-you-will-be-rich-by-saving-two-thousand-shillings-a-month, we discuss why saving on its own is incapable of making you a millionaire, you need to do more to become financially free.

The right investments will make you a millionaire, however, multiple streams of passive income will earn you a ticket to the billionaires’ club.

We draw onto the successes of successful entrepreneurs and discuss how to set you up your business to earn Multiple Streams of Income (MSI).

I strongly believe that people become happier when they have many passive sources of income and are not Financially dependent on their employers but are employed as an opportunity to serve others.

A man who is working on an 8 to 5 job as a firefighter to serve his community as a passion is a successful human being. No man should be waking up at 5 am to go to a job he despises, colleagues he hates and bosses he loathes just for the money.

I am a frugal guy. My happiness does not depend on how heavy my bank account is, but how happy those around me are. That’s why I am taking these huge steps to help you be happier.

I write articles from my personal experiences, my career in banking sector spanning 20 years and draw onto the successes of other people to broaden your business lens. I do not preach one type of money making venture as I am a firm believer in diversity.

Financial matters (FM) is an entrepreneurs’ buddy, to walk with you side by side to achieve your financial goal.

You will see less theory and more practical advice on this blog.

My Journey as an Entrepreneur

I started Financial Matters in Aug 2015 as an extension of the work I was doing at my employer. While working for an international bank, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we sought to educate 1,000,000 on Financial literacy.

The target was crazy and was to be done outside of my regular working hours. It is a personal commitment to my society, a personal gift to the millions of youth out there who wanted to know how they could earn a living and manage their finances properly.

With 100% backing of my employer, I went into a drive to recruit my colleagues as volunteers so that we could together impact society. An assessment after six months showed that me and my 120 colleagues, with our daily work, could only achieve so much face to face training.

We needed to massively duplicate ourselves.

A blog was the next natural thing because this was the only way I could reach more people as the masses have moved online.

I am an avid tea taker and nearly every evening I would pass coffee places to take tea and socialize. I decided that I would be taking tea in my house, and I would use the saved time for blogging.

English has never been my cup of tea and I remember the first time I spoke a complete English sentence voluntarily was when I was in class seven. One class before I did my primary exams.

Before then, the only English I had spoken was when the teacher asked us to repeat “This is Mr. Kamau” and we repeated in unison “This is Mr. Kamau”. “Mr. Kamau is going to the market” and we repeated again.

I had been sent to a neighboring school and I met two madams at the school gate and one of them asked me in English about why I had come to their school.

I remember mumbling words like “I have been sent to bring these revision papers”, the words felt so heavy on my tongue as they rolled out. After that sentence, I was sweating profusely and the direct midday sun did not help either.

One madam was so impressed with my English, she praised me and told me she had not heard such good English from my school and that I will pass my exams. She even invited me to the office and told the other teachers how good my English was. I was stocked.

I did not do any heavy writing in my life except for the examinations and occasionally when my friends would hire me to write letters to their girlfriends, a story for another day.

So, I thought I would write personal finance blogs and I got a website created and I started. I believed I would get better with time and I still believe so.

My goal and vision were my motivation, helping 1million youth achieve financial literacy.

50 blogs later, I had made no money from the blog, but I was on my first step to achieving my goal of helping others live better lives.

While training students and fellow employees in different organizations, I realized that theory was not enough. People needed practical education on how to make money and become financially independent. They needed skills and tools to earn passive income.  Most of them hated their jobs, but they had no other options. It got me really thinking.

That is when I decided to risk and leave my seven-figure annual employment income to concentrate on driving my vision of helping people become financially independent.

You will find my advice in two categories.

Personal finance, where I go deep into the ways in which you can earn, save, spend and safeguard your money while growing it at the same time.

Entrepreneurship, here I will be sharing and showing practical ways to earn multiple streams of income without working longer.

Generally, outside of these two main categories, we shall be looking at the new Innovations in the field of finance and technology and also the current state of the governance of the global economy

Just make Financial matters your friend and visit often to get all this free information.

I have made some money from the stock market and the Crypto world but any information shared in these two genres is for your information only because stock and crypto tips that have worked for one person cannot be duplicated for others. Your risk capacity and waiting period are different from mine. I don’t suggest you follow tips from an expert either. Do your own homework and invest as per your own understanding.

Impose an upper limit on your investments. Don’t invest more than you can save from your salary. You must not invest borrowed money.

High yield investments like mutual funds, cryptocurrencies and stocks put your money at higher risk.

Money earned from a properly constituted side business is less risky and more sustainable than the money earned from investments. This source of income can be duplicated successfully.

You should always make a second source of income. The Internet gives you a lot of power. People are making tons of money on the net, so can you.

Thank you for visiting financial matters blog and for Being Here all this long.

I would love to know more about you, your passions, your dreams and what plans you have to achieve your financial goals and how we can walk the journey together.

If you are ready to start the money journey, online or otherwise, subscribe to my inner circle to access free information, tips, mentorship and guidance to make your endeavor more joyous and less risky.